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Tutorial Videos Scott has made several videos where he’s is sharing his best tips, and sows you how to improve your speed, power and how you can create the coolest looking kicks.


Boyka Videos Scott Adkins is Boyka. Meet his most popular character and see how Scott was preparing himself for the Undisputed Movies
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Latest update: Episode 48: Michel Qissi, one of the most iconic martial arts villains of all time: Tong-Po! Scott Adkins talks with some of the world's most renowned names in the action and martial arts film industry to discover what it takes to make good action movies and how to film fights. During the COVID-19 pademic he decided to do a side-project that at first, just was a way for him to kill time and chatting with fellows martial artist/actors about their time on set quickly become one of the most insignful show for any action lovers out there.
Movies Scott appeared in more than 60 movies. He did supporting roles in famous films like John Wick, Dr. Strange and The Expendables. But of course we want to see Scott as the lead man. He created his own successes with films like Undisputed, Accident Man, Ninja and the hyper violent Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning
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Scott has launched an OFFICIAL FAN CLUB over at Patreon. You can find exclusive content and your support enables Scott to continue creating captivating content and sharing his passion with fans like you. Please pop over and check it out:
"I train every day, not just for movies but as a real martial artist - constantly learning and evolving. I’ve trained hard for a very long time. You can’t just expect to turn up and magic will happen. It takes dedication and sacrifice to achieve any goal"
Scott Adkins is busy to get him ready for the new Kickboxer movie... He joined the cast of Kickboxer: Armaggedon, the final chapter in the reboot trilogy of the classic 1980s action franchise.
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