Motivation and Training

Training Tutorials Just as the Art of Action was born during the Covid pandemic, Scott has also used that period to record training tutorials so that you can motivate and improve yourself. There are lots of videos available. Scott teaches you how to do the Tornado Kick, A Spinning Hook Tutorial, The Jump Spinning Hook Kick, Flexibility training and much more!
Training with Boyka Scott Adkins became known for his role as Boyka, in the Undisputed movies. Right before the release of these movies he shared videos ‘How te become Boyka’ and also some Work Out videos. Getting motivated well never become better than because of this!
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Scott Adkins World 2017 - 2024
April 2024; Getting back in Boyka shape to get ready for the new Kickboxer movie. View this brand new training video!
Scott Adkins World 