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"About Close Range - most of that film takes place in one location, so even with that limited schedule, I felt we could make it work. But at the same time, I'm an actor; this is my business. I have to make money, and there's this increasing pressure from producers to do these films within these newer, shorter schedules. That's not what I want to be doing. I want people to support my movies and the movies of other actors working in the same genre and budget range... the ones who care about the films. We need these films to make money, or we simply won't be given the opportunity to make them anymore. And if people don't stop pirating them and not paying for them, 1) the films will get worse - we will be given less time and money to make them, and 2) the films will end up not happening... and that'll be that!"
Scott Adkins has declared a war: His war against Piracy! In addition to the blockbuster movies of our time, Scott Adkins is primarily involved in the genre of lower budget action and martial arts films, which is experiencing the most severe impact from illegal downloading. Scott possesses a clear understanding of the issues associated with piracy, and we have gathered a selection of quotes from him over the past few years discussing this topic. Scott: "When I started out, you would get six weeks, 30-36 days, to make a movie, and you could do a pretty good job. But now, primarily because of piracy - that's the main reason - we're now being given eighteen days to make the same kind of movies. Sometimes with certain movies or companies... like on Undisputed... we managed to get five weeks. It's still difficult, but it can be done. I often turn down movies with a lot of these eighteen-day shoots because I worry that we aren't going to be able to deliver on the project."
"A big film comes out in the cinema and hopefully makes its money back, and then it earns revenue on the DVD release. Although, nothing compared to what they used to be now that people are downloading films for free. But then those bigger films make more money on television runs. But these and my genre movies that are made to go straight to DVD are hitting the marketplace, and they aren't making any money because people are downloading them for free. And these movies don't get a big bump on television either because the bigger films are getting priority. So these films are making just small amounts of money. And then the massive question becomes: 'Are you going to finance this project?' For instance, everyone loves Undisputed III. But it wasn't a financial success. So anyone who wants to invest in Undisputed IV is going to think twice because the last one didn't make a lot of money. I think people think it doesn't affect films to pirate them. They think they are sticking it to the big Hollywood bosses sitting on millions. But that guy doesn't get affected; it is the people like me and others in this genre... the crew and their families. Piracy ensures that someone like that isn't making as much money as they used to. And there aren't as many of these films being made anymore, and when they are, you have to make them in 2 weeks rather than 5 weeks, which isn't what it should be. The piracy situation is disturbing and depressing."
"Everybody really responded to Undisputed 2, so we made a sequel. Then Undisputed 3 really struck a chord with fans of these types of films. For 6 years after it came out, every day on Facebook, somebody has asked me when we're going to get another Undisputed movie. The reason it's taken so long is Undisputed 3 didn't make any money. The producers were scared because they want to get a return on their investment. They're not stupid; they're businessmen who are in it to make money. If you're a fan of the films I make, you have to support them with money. I want to keep doing what I do. I feel very privileged to be able to do what I do, and I don't want to let the fans down. So please go out and support Undisputed 4 when it comes out in 2017. If you want to get an Undisputed 5 without waiting another 6 or 8 years, you need to support it with your cash. It's as simple as that, and it doesn't cost a lot of money to rent a film. It really doesn't, so just do that. Films aren't meant to be free."
Scott: “Downloading is Fucking up the industry especially for indie and lower budgeted action and martial arts”
Downloading influences the quality of the final film product.
If you don’t want to wait another six years on Undisputed 5…
“Well, I’ll download it first and if I had liked it, then I would have bought it Legally…”
"I know that in some territories, they have to wait months or even years for a film to come out. So when the only way you can watch it is to download it from a torrent site, I can understand why people would do that. If it's a choice between waiting a year to pay for a movie or watching it now for free, people will do that. But even if you do that, please, if it's the sort of film you enjoy and especially if it's a genre that is dying out, when it does reach your shores, pay it some money. Rent it even if you've seen it, or buy a copy, just make sure you support these films because they really are dying out. We have to make them in shorter and shorter lengths of time because of this problem. I just ask people to try and support these films if they like them, and we know there are a lot of people out there that do like them." "I can't agree with the 'I'll download the movie, and if it's good, then I'll buy the movie.' That's just not the way of the world, is it? If I go to a toy shop and want to buy a toy, I buy it, and if it turns out to not be as good as I expected, well, there you go! Even in a restaurant, you can't keep going back to the same place and each time order food and then every time say 'Oh, I didn't like the food, I'm not gonna pay for that!' Maybe you'll get away with it once or twice, but pretty quickly you'll find yourself being told not to come back, 'You're taking the piss...' and yet that's what people are doing when they download movies... they aren't paying for them, they're watching them for free, and unfortunately, it's so easy and so many people are doing it! I wish the internet would make it harder to do it, harder than just typing in a movie name and torrent to find it online. People don't seem to realize that they are killing the industry. The less money the producers make, the less money and time they give us to make a movie."
The quotes from Scott on this page have been gathered from numerous interviews with Scott and quotes sourced from Scott's official Facebook page.
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