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Fuck!!! Or any variation of this term. It is one of the words frequently used by Scott in his movies, so much so that we were able to compile a video featuring all his instances of the word "fuck," lasting over 5 minutes. This and many more quotes of Scott Adkins you will find on this page.
“We kill, is that understood!!?”
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“Not bad. Not bad at all! That guy’s head came completely off his shoulders!”
“Are you ready to die?” From: Ninja, Shadow of a Tear
“I don’t just fight People Anymore… I FUCKING DESTROY THEM!!”
“I am the most complete fighter in the world!” From: Undisputed 2
“Do you know who I am?”
“Anybody else tired?!” From: The Expendables 2
“If this happens again…. I’ll be knocking on his door…” From: Green Street Hooligan
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