One Shot, 2021

"One Shot" is an action-packed thriller that delivers an exhilarating experience from start to finish. Directed by James Nunn and starring Scott Adkins as Lt. Blake Harris, the film follows a team of Navy SEALs and a junior CIA analyst as they embark on a mission to retrieve a crucial prisoner from a CIA black site island prison. Their objective is to prevent a devastating terrorist attack on Washington D.C. However, their plans are thwarted when insurgents attack the island, leaving the team trapped in a dangerous situation. The movie wastes no time in immersing the audience into the intense world of the SEALs. From the initial briefing on the mission to the gripping encounters on the island, the pacing is relentless, ensuring that viewers are captivated throughout. The cleverly executed changes in points of view keep the narrative engaging, while the skillfully choreographed shootouts add to the excitement. The action sequences are non-stop, ensuring that the film never becomes dull, with minimal exposition to bog down the pacing.
Scott Adkins delivers a solid performance as Lt. Blake Harris, leading the team with determination and intensity. His portrayal captures the physicality and mental strain of the character, especially during the demanding long takes. As mentioned, the film is full of action, primarily involving gunfights. Adkins shines in the action scenes, showcasing his prowess and bringing an authentic presence to the role. There is one scene that stands out as the highlight of the film for us. It's a scene where Adkins, armed with a knife, enters a building full of opponents and brutally takes them down one by one. Adkins at his very best!
Filming "One Shot" during the COVID-19 pandemic presented its challenges. Adkins mentions the inconvenience of wearing masks on set and the constant testing, but he emphasizes the gratitude of the cast and crew for the opportunity to work again. The production found a location in Ipswich that allowed them to execute their vision effectively, with the seclusion aiding their focus on the film.
The most difficult aspect of filming the long takes in "One Shot" was the unpredictable English weather. Adkins explains the need for specific cloud cover, but they often found themselves waiting for the ideal conditions. The intense nature of the scenes, coupled with the mental and physical demands of each take, made it an exhausting experience for the actors. However, the effort paid off, and the director particularly favored the magic hour shots with their captivating aesthetics.
In conclusion, "One Shot" is an enjoyable action movie that delivers on its promises. With adrenaline-fueled sequences, compelling performances, and a tightly woven plot, the film keeps audiences engaged throughout. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and the weather, the dedication of the cast and crew shines through in the final product. Fans of adrenaline- pumping thrillers will find "One Shot" to be a satisfying cinematic experience.
This are the moments when you know that Adkins is truly one of the very best action performers in the world.
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