One More Shot

"One Shot" had captivated audiences worldwide with its intense thrills and relentless combat sequences. Now, the highly anticipated sequel, aptly titled "One More Shot," promises to take adrenaline-fueled excitement to new heights. On 12 July Scott told that he just finished ADR on One More Shot. "It looks absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait for you all to see it". If you didn’t catch the first one yet please check it out! Directed by James Nunn, who had skillfully helmed the first installment, "One More Shot" aims to deliver another heart-pounding cinematic experience. In February 2023, cameras started rolling and is slated for release this year. Many details about the film are still unknown. A post from Scott on Instagram reveals that part of the movie will take place at an airport. Just like the first one, this film will have the same seamless filming style, making it feel like you're watching one continuous film without any noticeable cuts in the scenes. One thing is for sure: Adkins always delivers and will definitely not disappoint. So, we can't wait!
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