One More Shot, 2024

"One Shot" had captivated audiences worldwide with its intense thrills and relentless combat sequences. Now, the highly anticipated sequel, aptly titled "One More Shot," promises to take adrenaline-fueled excitement to new heights. Scott on One More Shot: "It looks absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait for you all to see it". If you didn’t catch the first one yet please check it out! In February 2023, cameras started rolling, and the film was released early 2024. The film is directed by James Nunn, who had skillfully helmed the first installment, "One More Shot" aims to deliver another heart-pounding cinematic experience. One More Shot takes place at an airport. Just like the first one, this film will have the same seamless filming style, making it feel like you're watching one continuous film without any noticeable cuts in the scenes. One More Shot is a sequel to 2021’s One Shot, which saw insurgents attack a CIA black site to free a British terrorist suspected of planning a dirty bomb plot. Waleed Elgadi returns as terrorist Amin Mansur, and this time around the CIA has intel that a bomb has been shipped to the US and will detonate in a matter of hours. So they’ve flown in Mansur to reveal the location – and his pregnant wife too, as leverage. But before the CIA can get their hands on Mansur, a private army of mercenaries storms the airport.
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Scott Adkins World 2017 - 2024
Unkillable… Fling him over a balcony or karate chop him in the neck, and up he pops again, knife in hand, ready to stab another bad guy in the throat.
Fight rehearsal with Aaron Toney! This was all done on a moving airport tram in One Shot. Practice makes perfect. The final noise is me having had enough. Couldn’t do this without best fight choreographer in the business…
Scott Adkins again portrays the character Jake Harris. His mission is escorting the terrorist suspect Amin Mansur to Washington D.C. And ofcourse: Scott is unkillable. Or maybe better said: unstoppable. It must be said: What an energy Scott has. It is evident that, partly due to the film being shot in one take, Scott possesses excellent endurance and can still keep up physically, as he has to endure the necessary blows and falls and ofcourse also Scott delivers frequent blows... Most of the fights in this film consist of shooting scenes, but there are also some hand-to-hand combat and knife scenes that will immerse you in non-stop action. One More Shot is an Adkins rollercoaster.
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