Lights Out, 2024

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In Lights Out, a homeless veteran, Michael “Duffy” Duffield, meets a talkative Ex-Con, Max Bomer who notices Duffy’s skills after he gets into a bar fight and offers him a well-paying “job” competing in underground fight clubs. The pair form an unlikely partnership after their first fight and decide to travel to LA so Duffy can atone for his past and Max can pay back a crime boss, Sage Parker. Duffy enters Sage’s fight club and eventually wins, but it also gets him tied up in the crime world and offered jobs he can’t refuse, including one with Sage’s partner and Police officer, Ellen Ridgway. The deeper Duffy goes in this world, the more deadly it gets.
Lights Out opens with a harrowing scene in Afghanistan, where a soldier played by Scott Adkins faces overwhelming odds. The tension is palpable as he fights for survival. The opening of this film looks promising for us Adkins fans, but don’t get too attached to Adkins just yet—his role takes a backseat for almost the rest of the movie…. At the end of the film, Scott reappears on screen. Scott is visited by old friends, shares a beer with them, arranges some weapons and decides to fight alongside them. However, the fight scene with Scott Adkins that follows is too short, and in no time, Scott’s character is killed…. As massive fans of Scott we think: How can you mis-use Scott Adkins in such a way as a director. Then the lights go out for us…
If you have Scott Adkins standing in front of you, a helmet won’t help you…
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