Legendary, The Tomb of the Dragon, 2013

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Travis Preston played by Scott Adkins is a cryptozoologist, assembles a team for an expedition to a remote region in China’s hinterland. The locals believe that a wild animal, which they call the “Shocate,” is a primeval monster roaming free in the area. Travis’ nemesis, Jim Harker, played by Dolph Lundgren, a merciless trophy hunter, has already set up camp. It becomes a race against time as Travis and his team search for evidence of this legendary creature before Harker can kill it.
Scott as a zoologist so that is a different role for him. That was good for Scott because he got the surgery after he finished Expendables 2 and needed six months of really good rehabilitation on his knee. The two films he did in that time were Zero Dark Thirty and Legendary. No action was required. He was on his holiday from Action. So Legendary is maybe a little strange because it’s two action guys together in a film that isn’t an action film,. So that can be a bit misleading to people who are expecting it to have martial arts or gunplay. It’s important for people to know it’s more of a family adventure film. It’s not one of these scary monster movies, it’s quite light-hearted. Still, there is a scene where Dolph's character manages to make Scott Adkins quite angry, resulting in Dolph having to take a punch from Adkins.
Dolph Lundgren portrays Harker, a seasoned and relentless bounty hunter. Harker is on a mission to eliminate the primeval creature wreaking havoc in a remote Chinese village. His character is shrouded in mystery, with a dark past and a singular focus: capturing the elusive beast at any cost. Lundgren brings his signature intensity to the role, emphasizing Harker’s determination and ruthlessness. Despite the film’s low budget, Lundgren’s presence elevates the stakes. While the script doesn’t delve deeply into Harker’s backstory, Lundgren’s performance hints at a complex character with hidden layers.
Overal Scott Adkins impresses with his performance, a departure from his usual tough, brute strength characters. His delivery of cheesy jokes adds charm to the film. In summary, “Legendary” offers an entertaining blend of some action, adventure, and sci-fi, with Scott Adkins shining in an unconventional role. If you’re a fan of creature features and enjoy a touch of humor, give it a watch.
Scott Adkins portrays Travis Preston, a retired MMA fighter turned cryptozoologist. Preston is reluctantly pulled back into action when he joins a team traveling to China in search of a primeval creature that defies scientific explanation. Adkins brings his physicality and charisma to the role, even though the film doesn’t showcase his usual high-octane stunts and fight sequences. Preston’s character is a mix of skepticism and curiosity. Adkins conveys the internal struggle of a man torn between his past as a fighter and his newfound scientific pursuit. While the film’s creature may disappoint, Adkins manages to inject some authenticity into the otherwise fantastical premise.
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