El Gringo, 2012

Not five minutes into EL GRINGO, Scott Adkins has blown up a man in a car and pissed on a handkerchief and wrapped it around his head to keep cool in the hot Mexican sun. A minute later he’s beaten up three dog-torturing men, subsequently gaining himself one loyal canine companion; minutes later, he’s wandered into the dirty little town which will be the scene of much distress and physical pain for him. EL GRINGO isn’t a movie that moves slowly or subtly. Scott: “There was more with the dog in the original script. Well, you know they say never work with dogs or kids. Well, we worked with a dog, and we did it in Bulgaria. And the dog was supposed to be trained, but it basically did everything… except what we wanted it to do. [both laugh] So we didn’t use a lot of the stuff with the dog.” While "El Gringo" may not offer a groundbreaking storyline or profound character development, it succeeds in delivering a satisfying dose of adrenaline-fueled action. It's a film that caters to fans of Scott Adkins' martial arts skills and those looking for a no-nonsense, action-packed experience.
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El Gringo" is an action-packed film , directed by Eduardo Rodriguez and was released in 2012. "El Gringo" follows the story of a nameless, tough-as-nails man played by Scott Adkins, known only as "the Stranger." He crosses the border into a small Mexican town, seeking refuge and a fresh start after a successful heist in the United States. The film's setting in a small Mexican town adds a unique flavor to the typical action genre, with dusty streets, colorful characters, and a sense of lawlessness permeating the atmosphere. The cinematography captures the rugged beauty of the location, making it an integral part of the film's overall aesthetic.
However, The Stranges quickly finds himself in the middle of a dangerous web of corruption, drug cartels, and double-crossing law enforcement officers. As he tries to lay low and survive, he becomes entangled with various individuals in the town, including Anna, a woman who offers him assistance, and Lieutenant West, a corrupt cop played by Christian Slater. The Stranger must navigate a treacherous landscape filled with violence, deceit, and betrayal to secure his freedom and escape the chaos that surrounds him.
Till El Gringo was filmed, Scott especially was playing characters like Boyka or the Universal Soldier film where there aren’t really other ways to play that character. So this time Scott wanted to lighten himself up a little bit and try to be a bit more charming. That was an element in his game that he hadn’t quite touched upon before. Scott Adkins, not necessarily known for his comedic timing but for his impressive martial arts skills, gives a surprisingly affable performance;
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