Dead Reckoning, 2020

Originally titled Altar Rock after a location in the story, Dead Reckoning was filmed back in 2016 but was not released until 2020. In this film, Scott Adkins plays the villain again, but do not expect the performance and presence you probably have in mind. He also does not play the lead role but has a supporting role as the brother of K.J. Apa, a local kid in the small seaside town of Nantucket Island. Apa falls for a vodka-drinking college girl played by India Eisley. Eisley’s parents died in a private plane crash a few weeks earlier, which turns out to be a premeditated murder by Scott Adkins. The plot essentially revolves around the twofold question of what will happen when Apa discovers that his brother murdered the parents of the girl he’s falling in love with, and vice versa when Eisley connects the dots that the guy she’s dating is the brother of her parents’ murderer.
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For those who have followed the production of Dead Reckoning, it was impossible not to notice how the film promoted itself as "inspired by the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013." Adkins and Apa are clearly styled after the Tsarnaev brothers responsible for the bombing. Like their original plans, the intention in the movie is to bomb a Fourth of July fireworks party, and Apa largely follows his brother's lead as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev stated he did, and the fact that he hid in a boat to evade detection is also used in the movie.
But it almost feels like the director did not knew who Adkins is, and that someone must have mentioned to him halfway through filming what his physical capabilities are. Because only midway through the film is there finally a fight between him and Remar that takes place on the boat. The fight includes axes, hammers, fishhooks, and even some gore for good measure. It is out of tune with the rest of the film. A few scenes later, there is another fight in which he is forced to take on Eisley's aunt. There is something hilarious about watching Adkins fiercely fight against a middle-aged woman, and for extra excess, the fight throws in scissors, a scalpel, and even an IV stand as a weapon. Dead Reckoning clearly does not have a high budget and is somewhat overshadowed among all the other Adkins films. But overall, it's definitely worth watching, and Adkins delivers a solid acting performance.
The characteristic of Adkins that undoubtedly stands out in this film is the accent he uses. When it comes to his voice, it's as if we're hearing Yuri Boyka. Furthermore, Scott's acting abilities are highlighted more prominently. He takes on psychopathic traits, which makes a strong impression. This is also the case in a remarkable sex scene. Sex scenes are almost never seen in other Scott Adkins films. This one is, however, done in the violent Adkins style, with the girl yelling, "Stop, you are hurting me," after Adkins makes clear: "Get the fuck out."
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