Day Shift, 2022

Day Shift is a Netflix comedy and horror movie, starring Jamie Foxx in a leading role as a pool cleaner. Scott Adkins has a short but excellent appearance is this film as on of the ‘Nazarian Brothers’. Jamie is Bug Jablonski, a hard-working, blue-collar dad who just wants to provide a good life for his quick-witted 10-year- old daughter. His mundane San Fernando Valley pool cleaning job is a front for his real source of income: hunting and killing vampires. After he sees a man leave a nearby home, he quietly breaks into the house and is confronted with two vampires – an older woman and one who is younger. After a long fight, he kills both vampires and extracts their teeth. Bud attempts to sell his teeth to Troy at the pawnshop but the offered prices aren’t high enough to pay for his financial troubles. Bud desperately needs the money because his ex- wife plans to move to Florida with her daughter. Her private school fees are too high. Bud has to return to the vampire hunting a**ociation to pay tuition and to finance braces for his daughter.
Scott plays one of the Nazarian brothers. Together with Bug Jablonski, they go to a house where a vampire nest is located. Despite Scott's relatively short screen time in the movie, this is literally the highlight of this movie. With his strong attitude and Russian accent, Scott evokes memories of previous characters he played, like Boyka, but perhaps even more of Hector from the movie The Expendables 2. Armed with a spear, Scott confronts the vampires in a way that only Scott can do. Even though the cast also includes big names like Snoop Dogg, the scenes with Scott resulted in fans pleading with Netflix for The Nazarian Brothers to have their own Netflix Spin-Off. Scott stole the spotlight and the hearts of fans around the world, along with Steve Howey, one of the other Nazarian Brothers.
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He was previously kicked out because of his aggressive and risky hunting style, which was in violation of many of the union’s protocols. Bud is given another chance to work for the union with John Elliot, a friend who is highly respected in the union. Bud is required to work only the Day Shift. This does not pay as much and he is also supervised by Seth, a union representative, who is charged with looking for and reporting any violations by Bud.
Now that everyone has fallen in love with the Narazian Brothers and wants to see their adventures continue in a spin- off, hopefully Netflix gives in and provides fans with what they want – a spin-off with Scott Adkins in the lead!
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