Accident Man 2: Hitman’s Holiday, 2022

Four years after the first film, Mike Fallon returns as the Accident Man, now finding himself vacationing in Malta. However, tranquility is not on the itinerary. He's thrust into action against the world’s premier assassins to safeguard the unappreciative son of a mafia boss, rescue his sole friend, and reconcile with his volatile father figure. Amidst the stunning yet treacherous landscapes of Malta, Fallon must navigate a perilous path, confronting deadly adversaries and inner demons, turning his "holiday" into anything but leisurely. "Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday" heralds the comeback of Scott Adkins as the titular anti- hero in a sequel that elevates both action and humor. Shot within a swift 22-day period, the film showcases Adkins’ martial arts finesse against a diverse array of foes. Given Adkins' frequent cameo appearances, witnessing him take center stage once more is truly gratifying and reaffirms his rightful place there.
The sequel opens with Adkins narrating his impromptu journey from Heathrow to Malta, where he finds himself entangled in a lucrative assignment: safeguarding the son of a formidable mafia figure. With Finicky Fred as a bargaining chip and a slew of top assassins descending upon the island, Adkins must rely on his combat prowess to thwart their deadly intentions. Any doubts regarding the sequel's ability to capture the distinctively British, foul-mouthed tone of the original are swiftly dispelled. From Adkins cruising the Maltese streets on his Triumph motorcycle to his exasperation upon learning the truth about Maltesers, the film's humor is as sharp as its action, balanced skillfully with adrenaline-fueled sequences. Adkins, who also contributes as a writer, ensures his character retains his charisma and complexity. The ensemble cast, featuring Ray Stevenson as Big Ray, enriches the narrative with depth and humor, fostering engaging dynamics.
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While some may argue Boyka remains Adkins' defining role, the potential for further installments suggests Mike Fallon is the true testament to the British star's talents. "Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday" stakes its claim as one of the best martial arts films of the 2020s thus far. In conclusion, it's a worthy successor to its predecessor, catering to action enthusiasts seeking a mix of intense fights and hearty laughs.
Brutal and funny: “Is he dead? Now he is!”
Visually, the film is a delight, with Malta's picturesque backdrop enhancing its high-energy sequences. While the subplot revolving around "even killers needing companionship" and Fallon's interpersonal dynamics with Ray Stevenson may not resonate as strongly as his quest for vengeance in the original, and despite occasional CGI shortcomings, these are minor quibbles in a sequel that excels on all fronts. With its blend of forced laxative ingestion, delusional assassins, and inventive combat, "Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday" offers a rollicking good time.
With Scott Adkins leading the charge, this holiday is one worth embarking on.
We all need friends In this film Scott Adkins is giving Mike Fallon a heart. “It's hard to root for a character that doesn't care about anyone, and is so selfish, and basically will kill anything with a heartbeat as long as you pay him. We made this fiilm about friendship, and just say, "Look, even if you're a stone-cold killer, put on this earth to extinguish lives, we all need friends." We all need mates, don't we? Otherwise, it can be a lonely existence. Even these assassins need friends. Because if you haven't got that, what have you got?”
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