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Accident Man, 2018 Scott Adkins stars as Mike Fallon, an elite assassin known for his ability to make his kills look like accidents. Fallon operates within an underground network of contract killers in London. When his ex- girlfriend is murdered, he sets out on a personal mission to find her killer and exact revenge. As Fallon delves deeper into the deadly world of professional assassins, he uncovers a complex web of deceit and betrayal. With his lethal skills and cunning, he wages a one-man war against the criminals responsible, unraveling the truth behind his girlfriend's death and seeking justice in a world where violence is the norm.
Incoming, 2018 "Incoming" is a 2018 science fiction action film starring Scott Adkins. The plot revolves around an international space station that becomes the target of a terrorist attack. Adkins plays a former CIA operative who is brought in to investigate and thwart the threat. As chaos ensues on the space station, Adkins must navigate treacherous obstacles, combat a group of dangerous mercenaries, and uncover a conspiracy that could have catastrophic consequences for Earth. With adrenaline-pumping action sequences and a race against time, "Incoming" keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as Adkins fights to save the space station and prevent a global disaster.
The Debt Collector, 2018 Scott Adkins portrays French, a martial arts expert who is forced to become a debt collector for a ruthless crime lord named Tommy. Alongside his partner Sue, played by Louis Mandylor, French embarks on a series of violent and perilous encounters with dangerous individuals who owe money to Tommy. As French delves deeper into the criminal underworld, he uncovers a web of deceit and betrayal that puts his own life in jeopardy. With intense fight scenes and gritty storytelling, "Debt Collector" showcases Adkins' martial arts prowess as he fights to survive and settle the debts owed to his menacing boss.
Karmouz War, 2018 In "Karmouz War," set in 1940s Egypt, a group of freedom fighters led by Ibrahim and Salah engages in a deadly battle against British occupation forces. Their mission is to reclaim the historic Karmouz district, which has been taken over by the British Army. As the fight intensifies, tensions rise within the group, with personal vendettas and conflicting loyalties threatening to derail their cause. Through gripping action sequences and emotional turmoil, "Karmouz War" depicts a valiant struggle for independence and the sacrifices made by individuals fighting for their homeland's liberation.
Abduction, 2019 This pulse-pounding action thriller pits two strangers against a nefarious alien force, with the future of mankind hanging in the balance. Quinn Scott Adkins, a member of a SWAT unit, steps out of a park fountain in an Asian city with no recollection of who he is or where he came from. As he pieces together clues from his past, he vaguely recalls his young daughter, who has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Connor Andy On, a former military operative turned gangster-for-hire, discovers that his wife has also disappeared mysteriously in the middle of the night. These two men, with little in common, realize they must work together to find their loved ones and thwart their mysterious abductors.
IP Man 4: The Finale, 2019 In "Ip Man 4," the renowned Wing Chun master, Ip Man, journeys to the United States in search of a better future for his son. However, he is faced with a series of challenges as he confronts a local martial arts community divided by racial prejudice. With his unwavering principles and formidable skills, Ip Man takes a stand against discrimination, bridging the gap between cultures and proving the true essence of martial arts. Through intense action sequences and poignant storytelling, "Ip Man 4" showcases the legacy of a legendary martial artist fighting for justice and equality.
Triple Threat, 2019 In "Triple Threat," a thrilling action film, a wealthy businessman, Xander Feng, forms an alliance with a ruthless mercenary group to carry out a sinister plan. When a team of highly skilled mercenaries led by Payu, Jaka, and Devereaux learns about Feng's plot, they join forces to stop him. As the mercenaries infiltrate Feng's heavily guarded compound, they face relentless henchmen and engage in intense martial arts battles. Along the way, the mercenaries uncover a web of corruption that reaches the highest levels of power, forcing them to fight not only for their lives but also for justice. With explosive action sequences and unexpected twists, "Triple Threat" keeps audiences on the edge of their seats until the climactic showdown between the mercenaries and their powerful adversaries.
The Debt Collectors 2, 2020 Debt collectors French and Sue get to work doing what they do best _ cracking skulls and breaking bones _ as they chase down the various lowlifes who owe money to their boss, Tommy. They're summoned to Las Vegas to collect from a dirty casino owner, who happens to be a vicious ex-lover of Sue's. Meanwhile, a notorious drug kingpin is on the warpath to kill French and Sue to avenge his brother's death. Facing danger from all angles, the pair will have no other choice but to fight their way out of an explosively dangerous situation.
Legacy of Lies, 2020 12 years go in Kyiv, Ukraine, Martin (Adkins) was involved in a mission gone bad. A sniper took out his contact in a warehouse meet, and Martin was involved in a shootout. Back in the present, Martin has a daughter, Lisa (Honor Kneafsey) who gambles on his underground MMA fights.Trevor (Martin McDougall), Martin’s old MI6 boss, pulls him back in. Plus, Sacha (Yuiia Sobol) comes to him for help and they get shot at. They’re all looking for files the Russians got 12 years ago, that could reveal who betrayed Martin in Kyiv. Oh yeah, and that contact killed in action was Lisa’s mother. Lisa doesn’t look 12 yet, but Kneafsey is 16 so she could have been born before that tragic mission.
Max Cloud, 2020 "Max Cloud" is a 2020 sci-fi action-comedy film that follows the story of Sarah, a teenage gamer who gets transported into the world of her favorite video game, "Max Cloud." Inside the game, Sarah finds herself inhabiting the body of Jake, the game's tough protagonist. Alongside Max Cloud, the game's titular hero, and a ragtag group of characters, Sarah must fight their way through various levels and challenges to save the universe from an evil villain. As the adventure unfolds, Sarah discovers her own inner strength and courage while forming unexpected bonds with her virtual companions. With humor, action-packed sequences, and a dash of nostalgia, "Max Cloud" takes audiences on a thrilling ride through the digital realm as Sarah learns the true power of heroism, both in and out of the game.
Seized, 2020 A former Special Forces operative, Nero (played by Scott Adkins), now living a peaceful life, finds himself embroiled in a dangerous situation. His son is kidnapped by a ruthless drug lord named Mzamo (played by Mario Van Peebles), who demands Nero's cooperation in a series of high-stakes assignments. Nero is forced back into his lethal skills as he fights his way through a web of criminals and corrupt officials to save his son. Along the way, he uncovers a conspiracy that goes deeper than he initially thought, leading to a final showdown where he must use all his expertise to rescue his son and take down those responsible. With intense action sequences and a race against time, "Seized" delivers a gripping tale of a father's desperate struggle to protect his family.
Savage Dog, 2017 Scott Adkins portrays Martin Tillman, a former boxer imprisoned in a Vietnamese labor camp during the French Indochina War. Known for his brutal fighting skills, Tillman becomes a pawn in a deadly game orchestrated by corrupt officials and ruthless criminals. When a ruthless gangster forces Tillman to compete in illegal underground fights, he fights not only for his own survival but also to protect the woman he loves. As the violence escalates, Tillman seeks revenge against those who have wronged him, unleashing his savage fighting abilities in a quest for justice. With gritty action sequences and a story of resilience and redemption, "Savage Dog" showcases Adkins' intense physicality and delivers a thrilling and brutal tale of survival.
American Assassin, 2017 Dylan O'Brien portrays Mitch Rapp, a young man whose life is shattered when his fiancée is killed in a terrorist attack. Consumed by vengeance, Mitch joins a secret CIA black ops program led by Cold War veteran Stan Hurley, played by Michael Keaton. Under Hurley's guidance, Mitch undergoes intense training to become a lethal operative. Tasked with stopping a mysterious operative known as "Ghost," who plans to unleash chaos on the world, Mitch and Hurley embark on a globe-trotting mission filled with high-stakes action and deadly encounters. As Mitch's skills sharpen, he must confront his own inner demons and navigate a world of deception to prevent a catastrophic event and become the ultimate American Assassin.
Jarhead 3: The Siege, 2016 "Jarhead 3: The Siege" is a military action film set in the Middle East. The plot revolves around a group of Marines stationed at a U.S. embassy, which comes under attack by terrorists. The Marines, led by a seasoned sergeant, must defend the embassy and its occupants while facing overwhelming odds. As the intense battle rages on, the Marines demonstrate their bravery, resilience, and camaraderie in the face of danger. With limited resources and reinforcements far away, they must use their training and wits to survive and protect those trapped inside the embassy.
Hard Target 2, 2016 Professional MMA fighter Wes Baylor (Scott Adkins) takes on Tim Sutherland in a match at the MGM Grand. Upset with the judges' score, Baylor tries to knock Sutherland out and accidentally kills him. Overwhelmed with guilt, six months later, Baylor is still haunted by the death of Sutherland and competes in underground fight clubs. A man, Aldrich watches Baylor fight, and offers him $1 million for a private one- off match in Myanmar. But when Wes arrives for the fight, he learns he's been tricked into becoming the target of a human hunt. Carrying only water and a ruby-filled money belt for the last person standing, Wes must outsmart the heavily armed group that has paid to kill him. As he fights for his life in the treacherous jungle terrain, the hunters become the hunted...
Criminal, 2016 Bill Pope is a CIA agent on a mission in London tracking down a shadowy hacker nicknamed "The Dutchman." When he gets mysteriously ambushed and killed, an experimental procedure is used to transfer his memories into dangerous convict Jericho Stewart (Kevin Costner). When he wakes up with the CIA agent's memories, his mission is to find The Dutchman and make the deal with him before the hacker launches ICBM's and starts World War III. But complications soon arise and the mission turns personal.Scott Adkins is Pete Greensleeves. He spent most of the movie locked away in a small room with other CIA analysts including Oldman and Star Trek Into Darkness's Alice Eve, while field agents like Reynolds and terrorists like Traue soaked up the spotlight.
Dr Strange, 2016 After a horrible car accident, brilliant neurosurgeon Stephen Strange must find a way and a cure to healing his hands. His quest brings him to Kamar-Taj in Nepal where he studies under the Ancient One, who teaches him the ways of magic and alternate realities. With new skills of interdimensional travel and spells, Strange soon discovers that he must protect the world from a deadly enemy who is out to destroy it.
Eliminators, 2016 Scott Adkins stars as Thomas, a former federal agent who is forced into hiding with his young daughter after his cover is blown. Living under a new identity in London, Thomas works as a plumber, trying to maintain a low profile. However, when his past catches up with him, Thomas is framed for a bombing and becomes the target of both the authorities and a ruthless gang. With his daughter's life on the line, Thomas must rely on his combat skills to evade capture and uncover the truth behind the conspiracy. As he fights to clear his name, Thomas forms an unlikely alliance with a woman named Anna, played by Stu Bennett, who possesses valuable information. Together, they embark on a dangerous journey to expose the real culprits and bring them to justice.
The Brothers Grimsby, 2016 "The Brothers Grimsby" is a comedy spy film that follows two long-lost brothers, Nobby (played by Sacha Baron Cohen) and Sebastian (played by Mark Strong). Nobby, a boisterous football hooligan, reunites with Sebastian, who is now a skilled MI6 agent. Together, they uncover a global conspiracy involving a deadly virus. As they embark on their mission, the brothers find themselves in a series of hilarious and outrageous situations. In one memorable scene, Nobby and Sebastian hide inside an elephant's rectum to escape capture. Scott Adkins appears in the film as an assassin named Pavel Lukashenko, adding to the comedic chaos and action-packed sequences.
Home Invasion, 2016 Home Invasion follows a wealthy woman named Chloe (Henstridge), who happens to be targeted by a trio of expert thieves with her stepson in their remote mansion. Her only form of help comes from a call with a security systems specialist (Patric). As the terror ensues, the intruders (Adkins) become increasingly hostile and the connection between the specialist and Chloe wavers. Should Chloe trust the voice on the phone to be her open eyes and navigate her to safety?
Undisputed 4, 2016 "Undisputed 4" is a 2016 action film that follows the story of Yuri Boyka, a former prison fighter seeking redemption. After his victory in the previous installment, Boyka finds himself drawn back into the world of underground fighting. Determined to prove himself as the best fighter, he sets his sights on a high-stakes tournament held in a notorious Russian prison. As Boyka battles his opponents, he forms an unexpected alliance with a fellow inmate who has valuable information that could change their lives. However, their journey is filled with danger as they face ruthless adversaries and powerful criminal organizations that will stop at nothing to maintain control. With his exceptional fighting skills and indomitable spirit, Boyka must overcome his personal demons and fight for his redemption, ultimately finding a chance for a new beginning.
Avengement, 2019 Cain Burgess is a ruthless criminal who seeks revenge after being wrongfully imprisoned for years. During his time behind bars, Cain endures brutal abuse and emerges as a hardened fighter. He escapes custody during a prison transfer, unleashing his fury on those who have betrayed him. As Cain hunts down his former associates, he reflects on his past and the events that led to his wrongful conviction. The film interweaves flashbacks that reveal the depths of Cain's transformation from an ordinary man to a vengeful force to be reckoned with. In a gripping climax, Cain confronts those who betrayed him, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake and delivering his own twisted form of justice.
Dead Reckoning, 2020 Dead Reckoning is an American action thriller film directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak. The film was shot in 2016, under the original title Altar Rock. Tillie Gardner’s summer romance with local cab driver Niko before starting college is helping her cope with the tragic death of her parents in a private plane crash a few weeks earlier. Too bad she doesn’t know yet he is the brother of the terrorist who actually sabotaged the plane, and who is also involved with a plot to bomb the annual Fourth of July beach celebration on Nantucket Island. Can she gather herself and her wits together and discover his dark secret in time and prevent a terrible massacre?
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