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Black Mask 2: CIty of Masks, 2002 In "Black Mask 2: City of Masks," a retired hero named Black Mask is forced to return to action when his friend is kidnapped by an organization called E.M.P. They are seeking to create a powerful weapon called Project DNA. Black Mask 2, a new hero with enhanced abilities, teams up with rebels to stop E.M.P. Along the way, they face genetically modified minions and discover a traitor among them. Black Mask 2 must confront the twisted mastermind, Dr. Marco, and foil his plans to control humanity.
Special Forces, 2005 A group of French special forces soldiers led by Captain Kovax (played by Diane Kruger) is on a mission to rescue a war correspondent named Elsa (played by Djimon Hounsou) who has been kidnapped by a Taliban leader in Afghanistan. The team faces intense battles and deadly obstacles as they navigate the treacherous terrain. Along the way, they form a bond with Elsa and are determined to bring her back safely. Despite facing overwhelming odds, the special forces soldiers display courage, resourcefulness, and unwavering dedication to completing their mission. Through their harrowing journey, the film explores themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and the harsh realities of modern warfare.
The Medallion, 2003 Eddie Yang (played by Jackie Chan) is a detective who gains extraordinary abilities after coming into possession of a powerful ancient medallion. The medallion holds the key to immortality and ultimate power. Eddie must protect a young boy, Jai, who also possesses a medallion and is the target of an evil syndicate led by Snakehead (played by Julian Sands). Together with Interpol agent Nicole (played by Claire Forlani), Eddie fights against Snakehead and his henchmen in a race to save Jai and unlock the medallion's true potential. Through thrilling action sequences and comedic moments, Eddie discovers the true extent of the medallion's powers and uses them to thwart Snakehead's plans.
Unleashed, 2005 A man treated like a dog and raised as a fighting machine his entire life, ends up in a coma and is taken in the care of good people, but his sinister owner is looking to retrieve his most prized possession: a non stop human weapon triggered by the collar leashed on his neck.Scott Adkins has a fightscene in this movie.
Pitfighter, 2005 In the 2005 film "Pit Fighter," the story revolves around a young man named Jack (played by Dominique Vandenberg) who becomes involved in the underground world of illegal fighting. After witnessing his brother's death during a brutal pit fight, Jack decides to seek revenge. He joins the dangerous fighting circuit and quickly rises through the ranks, catching the attention of a powerful and corrupt promoter named Veneno (played by Steven Bauer). As Jack continues to excel in the pit fights, he forms alliances and faces betrayal from unexpected sources. Determined to bring justice to his brother's death, Jack must navigate the treacherous underworld, confront his enemies, and ultimately find redemption.
The Pink Panter, 2006 When the coach of the France soccer team is killed by a poisoned dart in the stadium in the end of a game, and his expensive and huge ring with the diamond Pink Panther disappears, the ambitious Chief Insp. Dreyfus assigns the worst police inspector Jacques Clouseau to the case. His intention is to give a diversion to the press, while he uses his best men to chase the killer and thief. He assigns Gendarme Gilbert Ponton to work with Clouseau and inform each step of the investigation. When Clouseau is nominated with honor to the highest prize in France, Dreyfus decides to humiliate Clouseau and take him out of the case. However Clouseau has already solved the mystery...
The Bourne Ultimatum, 2007 Bourne is once again brought out of hiding, this time inadvertently by London-based reporter Simon Ross who is trying to unveil Operation Blackbriar--an upgrade to Project Treadstone--in a series of newspaper columns. Bourne sets up a meeting with Ross and realizes instantly they're being scanned. Information from the reporter stirs a new set of memories, and Bourne must finally, ultimately, uncover his dark past whilst dodging The Company's best efforts in trying to eradicate him.Scott Adkins has a short role as agent Kiley.
The Shepherd: Border Control, 2008 Jean-Claude Van Damme portrays Jack Robideaux, a former Special Forces soldier turned border patrol agent. Robideaux becomes entangled in a dangerous plot when he discovers a group of corrupt officers involved in drug smuggling along the U.S.-Mexico border. Determined to expose the criminals, Robideaux takes matters into his own hands and embarks on a mission to bring them to justice. Along the way, he teams up with a rookie agent named Flores (played by Scott Adkins) to uncover the truth and dismantle the criminal organization. Through intense action sequences and gripping suspense, Robideaux confronts powerful adversaries and risks everything to protect the border and uphold justice.
Stag Night, 2008 In the 2008 film "Stag Night," a group of friends gathers to celebrate a bachelor party in New York City. They decide to take part in an underground urban exploration tour led by a mysterious guide. However, their adventure takes a deadly turn when they accidentally witness a brutal crime committed by a group of ruthless subway tunnel dwellers. Now hunted by these dangerous individuals, the friends must navigate the dark and dangerous tunnels of the city to escape with their lives. As tension rises and friendships are tested, they must rely on their wits and survival instincts to make it out alive. With relentless pursuit and intense suspense, "Stag Night" explores the harrowing consequences of a night gone wrong.
Undisputed III: Redemption, 2010 Undisputed III: Redemption" continues the story of Yuri Boyka (Scott Adkins) following the events of the previous film. Boyka, now a prisoner himself, is offered a chance at redemption by participating in a prestigious underground fighting tournament called the "Prisoner's Punch." As he competes against other skilled fighters from around the world, Boyka faces personal and physical challenges, pushing himself to the limit. Along the way, he forms unlikely alliances and confronts his own demons, ultimately seeking redemption for his past actions. Adkins once again delivers breathtaking fight sequences, showcasing his mastery of martial arts and athleticism throughout the film.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine, 2009 The story follows the early years of the iconic mutant Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman. It delves into his past and explores his origin. The film showcases Wolverine's tragic childhood, his time as a member of a special forces team known as Team X, and his complex relationship with his half-brother, Victor Creed (Sabretooth), played by Liev Schreiber. As Wolverine seeks to escape the violent life he was thrust into, he becomes involved in a government experiment known as Weapon X, which results in his adamantium skeleton and claws. The plot further unfolds as Wolverine seeks revenge against those who have wronged him, leading to an epic confrontation and the transformation of a hero.
Undisputed II, Last Man Standing, 2006 "Undisputed II: Last Man Standing" is a martial arts action film that takes place in a brutal Russian prison. The plot centers around former heavyweight champion boxer, George "Iceman" Chambers (played by Michael Jai White), who finds himself imprisoned and forced to participate in underground fighting tournaments. In the prison, he encounters a fierce and skilled fighter named Yuri Boyka (played by Scott Adkins), who becomes his rival. As Chambers fights to regain his freedom, he must face off against Boyka in a thrilling and intense showdown. Throughout the film, Adkins showcases his exceptional martial arts skills, delivering dynamic fight scenes and elevating the excitement of the story.
Ninja, 2009 "Ninja" is an action-packed martial arts film that follows the journey of Casey Bowman (played by Scott Adkins), an American martial artist studying Ninjutsu in Japan. When his dojo and sensei are threatened by a rival martial arts school and a dangerous underground organization, Casey must put his training to the test. As he uncovers a sinister plot involving stolen artifacts and a powerful drug, Casey becomes a skilled and determined ninja warrior. With his deadly combat skills and the help of a fellow student, Namiko, Casey embarks on a mission to save his sensei and bring down the criminal organization. The film features intense fight sequences, showcasing Adkins' exceptional martial arts prowess and agility.
The Tournament, 2009 the world's deadliest assassins gather in an underground competition held every seven years. Each participant is assigned a human target, and the last one standing wins a substantial cash prize. Joshua Harlow (played by Robert Carlyle) becomes an unexpected participant when he accidentally witnesses one of the matches and is forced to compete. As the tournament progresses, rival assassins, including Lai Lai Zhen (played by Kelly Hu) and Miles Slade (played by Ving Rhames), engage in intense battles and employ cunning tactics to eliminate their competition. Amid the chaos, Harlow must not only fight for his survival but also uncover the dark secret behind the tournament and those who organize it. With high-stakes action, thrilling encounters, and unexpected twists, "The Tournament" delivers a gripping tale of survival and vengeance.
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