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In March 2019, we at had the fortune of being able to ask Scott himself a few questions. Read on to find out where Scott shares more details about the film with us. So, there are a lot of talented martial arts guys in the movie. What is this film going to add more to the Martial Arts film genre? This is the biggest martial arts cast EVER assembled for a martial arts film. We all have great respect for one another and wanted to work together so we jumped at the chance. I’ve always wanted to work with Tony Jaa for such a long time and we finally get to do it and I don’t think fans will be disappointed. Of course its an added bonus that I got to also work with Iko and Tiger. Its full of action and there’s plenty of fight action.
Triple Threat" is an action thriller film released in 2019. It features an all- star cast of martial arts superstars, including Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, and Scott Adkins and is directed by Jesse V. Johnson. in the city of Bangkok, a renowned billionaire philanthropist, Xian becomes the target of a ruthless criminal syndicate led by the sinister and calculating Collins (Scott Adkins). Seeking to exert control over the city's lucrative crime network, Collins devises a plan to kidnap Xian's daughter and hold her for a hefty ransom. Unbeknownst to the criminals, Xian's daughter is not an ordinary damsel in distress. She possesses exceptional combat skills and a fierce determination to fight back against her captors. Realizing the severity of the situation, Xian calls upon three elite warriors to aid in the rescue mission. As the trio of warriors embarks on their mission, they encounter a series of deadly obstacles and face off against an army of highly trained mercenaries hired by Collins. The streets of Bangkok become a battleground as our heroes engage in pulse-pounding fight sequences, showcasing their individual fighting styles while working together to rescue Mei and bring the syndicate to justice.
With this big cast, is the presence of everyone and especially of you enough covered in the film? The director Jess Johnson did a great job of giving each of us their moment and I personally really enjoyed playing Collins. My writing partner Stu Small who wrote Accident Man with me came onboard and added some great dialogue for my character to get his teeth in to. Its a fun part and Micheal Jai White, Bisping, Jeeja and Ron all enjoyed playing baddies. In your recent films with Jesse V. Johnson - The Debt Collector, Accident Man - , you had plenty of opportunities to show your acting talent. Does that also apply for this film? Or do we mainly see you in action scenes? I have a ton of dialogue. Having worked with Jesse on Accident Man I believe he trusted that I would do a good job so he wrote me a great part with lots of dialogue and some great action. I owe him a beer for sure!
What about the budget for this production? Often you only had a few days to shoot scenes for lower budget films; What were your experiences on the set of Triple Threat? I think it was 5 or 6 weeks. Not massive but certainly enough time for us to do a good job. Pre-production was very little time compared to the shoot as they started without a finished script but thats the way it goes sometimes.
The last time you played with a lot of stars in a movie was Expendables 2. Can you make a comparison between working on that film and this film? Expendables was an entirely different situation for me. Whenever you are working with actors you looked up to as a kid you have a reverence for them that you cannot escape. I was like a kid in a candy store and also somewhat intimidated by the experience. It was a small part also. For this I am working with my contemporaries and colleagues as apposed to my “heroes” so it allowed me to be much more collaborative and creative. On Expendables I just did as I was told.
What can we expect from the tone of voice in the film. For example can we expect humour or is the focus more on violence and action? It’s pretty light hearted with a healthy dose of violence. It’s an entertaining movie.Thats all we want, for the fans to be entertained and have a great time.
Our best reason to watch this movie is that you are in it. What do you think is the best reason to watch Triple Threat? Of course me! (laughs) Its a must see for fans of action and especially martial arts fans. The best of the best duking it out together. It will be one of the best martial arts film this year - we cannot forget Ip Man 4 of course which will be released in July.
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