Seized, 2020

In this film, Scott Adkins is Nero, a former special forces agent, who has retired to a quiet beach town with his son Taylor after his wife’s death. His life takes a drastic turn when his son is kidnapped. Nero receives a call from a man named Mzamo, who sends him live footage of Taylor being held captive. To save his son, Nero must eliminate highly skilled criminals from three dangerous crime syndicates. As Nero completes each mission, he unravels more about the conspiracy that led to his wife’s murder and his current predicament. Seized is directed by Isaac Florentine played a pivotal role in launching Scott Adkins' career, starting with the 2003 film "Special Forces," which showcased Adkins' martial arts talent. This breakthrough was followed by "Undisputed 2 introducing Adkins' iconic character Yuri Boyka. Florentine and Adkins continued their successful collaboration several times and it was Florentine who helped him become a beloved action star.
The film “Seized” showcases a gripping narrative of a former special forces agent, Nero, whose life is thrown into chaos when his son is kidnapped. He is forced into a deadly game of eliminating dangerous criminals to save his son. This premise echoes the 1985 action film “Commando,” where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, John Matrix, a retired elite Black Ops Commando, launches a one-man war to rescue his kidnapped daughter. Both films revolve around a central theme of a father’s desperate struggle to save his child, employing their particular set of skills honed from a life of combat and espionage. The protagonists are thrust into a race against time, eliminate their enemies to reach their ultimate goal: the safe return of their child. While “Seized” does not explicitly cite “Commando” as its inspiration, there are some parallels in the plot of a lone warrior taking on an army to protect family. Nero in “Seized” is as relentless and a resourceful hero as John Matrix’s character, both embodying the archetype of a warrior pushed to the edge for the sake of family. But “Seized” stands on its own as a modern action thriller. The spirit of a father’s love, the tension of a ticking clock, and the exhilaration of combat all contribute to the enduring appeal of this narrative theme.
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