Section 8, 2022

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Section 8 centers on a former soldier and now family man named Jake (played by Ryan Kwanten), who has a run-in with some local gang members that were giving his uncle Earl (played by Mickey Rourke) a hard time. Jake gives the men a beat down, and as revenge they kill his wife and son. In a fit of rage, Jake tracks down and murders the entire gang, to which he's sentenced to prison for the rest of his life. Enter Ramsey (Dermot Mulroney), who works for a secret ops group known as “Section 8”. He makes Jake an offer he literally cannot refuse. Because even though Jake objects to joining the group, Ramsey and his men snatch Jake out of prison, taking him to their secret base.
A big name on the movie poster is Dolph Lundgren. Lundgren’s character, Tom Mason, is Jake’s former commanding officer and an ally who guides him through the mess. But Dolph has only a short screentime in this film and doesn’t get any fight scenes. About the short screentime…. that also counts for Scott Adkins. So, whats wrong with the filmmakers that we feel that Scott is underused in this movie. Because he steals every scene and we don’t say that because this is an Adkins fansite. Scott is a relentles hitman in this movie. Scott gives us all we want both in the martial arts department as well as releasing a salvo of rounds from a machine gun. A particular highlight has him barging through a casino and destroying anyone in his path. He kills cops in broad daylight. And when we see him in fight scenes, we still see Boyka right in front of us. Look at his posture, the intense gaze. Scott is still the beast, as the photos below from this fight scene clearly show. We are still absolute fans!
The following two missions Jake participates in make use of his special skills and is needed to take out select targets. In the first mission, Jake succeeds. But he leaves behind witnesses, which is a big no in Section 8. On the second mission, he manages to contain the target but hesitates to fire his weapon. Another member of the team takes him out anyway. But his lack of action puts a mark on Jake's back. And now he's on the run, not only from members of Section 8 but also from another killing machine named Locke played by Scott Adkins. All told Jake discovers that he is at the center of something big, and shortly afterward, details about Section 8's true nature and Jake's involvement are revealed.
He will never wake up again…
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