Avengement, 2019

"Avengement" is a gritty and action-packed British thriller that showcases the talents of martial artist and actor Scott Adkins. Directed by Jesse V. Johnson, the film takes audiences on a thrilling and violent journey through the criminal underworld. The story centers around Cain Burgess, portrayed convincingly by Scott Adkins, who plays a character driven by revenge. Cain is a hardened prisoner who manages to escape during a brief furlough to attend his mother's funeral. Fueled by a burning desire to make those responsible for his predicament pay, Cain embarks on a relentless quest for vengeance. This happens in bar a private bar. Cain is holding its members hostage as he starts revealing his past and what led to him becoming a violent fighter. And now he is going to pay off all who have destroyed his future. The criminal leds doesn’t recognize him at first because of Cain’s extensive facial scarring. Holding the men at gunpoint, Cain proceeds to regale them with the tale of how he ended up this way. He was sent to prison because of a fatal accident that occurred while he was performing a criminal assignment for his loan shark brother (Craig Fairbrass) who promptly betrayed him.
What sets "Avengement" apart from typical revenge movies is its unique narrative structure. The film utilizes flashbacks to weave together Cain's backstory and his present-day actions. As he recounts his past experiences to a captive audience in a pub, we gain insight into the events that led him to become the hardened and ruthless man he is today During the ensuing seven years, Cain had to repeatedly fight for his life, being the subject of brutal attacks that included having his jaw smashed and homemade napalm being thrown in his face. After the former incident, he was outfitted with a metal teeth. Scott Adkins delivers a captivating performance as Cain Burgess. He brings a raw intensity to the character, fully immersing himself in the role. Adkins' martial arts expertise shines through in the film's numerous action sequences. The fight choreography is well- executed and showcases his skill and precision, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats. Avengement is often mentioned as Adkins best acting performance.
The critical reception for "Avengement" has been generally positive, with praise directed towards its gritty tone, Scott Adkins' standout performance, and the well-executed action sequences. Fans of Adkins' previous work will undoubtedly appreciate his martial arts prowess on display once again. In conclusion, "Avengement" is a gripping and action-packed thriller that showcases Scott Adkins' talents as both an actor and a martial artist. With its engaging narrative structure, intense fight scenes, and solid performances, the film delivers a satisfying experience for fans of the genre. If you enjoy gritty revenge stories and well-choreographed action, "Avengement" is definitely worth a watch.
Bone crunching Avengement is a brawny, ultra-violent, muscle-bound revenge throwback that you’ve seen and heard before: A good kid wronged by his underworld kingpin brother turns to murder against his will and only wants to spill the blood of those who have so wronged him. Avengement is a nonstop endurance run of bone crunching, blood letting beatdowns and brawls. Each one is furious, well choreographed, and punctuated with hits and snaps that rattle your guts. Blood squirts across walls, floors, splashes the camera. Knives, shivs, pipes, wooden planks, and even dinner trays are used with speed and ferocity in fast, mostly all-against-one fights. There are multiple curb stomps, a splash of homemade napalm, and an exploding head to keep you on your toes as Avengement veers from one action setpiece to another.
Supporting performances from Craig Fairbrass, Thomas Turgoose, Nick Moran, Kierston Wareing, and Louis Mandylor add depth to the film. Each actor brings their own unique flair to their respective characters, contributing to the overall authenticity and grittiness of the story. Director Jesse V. Johnson, known for his proficiency in directing action films, demonstrates his talent once again in "Avengement." He expertly balances intense and visceral fight scenes with character development and storytelling. The film's pacing is well- maintained, ensuring that the audience remains engaged from start to finish. There is a dark and gritty atmosphere in "Avengement". The cinematography effectively captures the seedy underbelly of the criminal world, with dimly lit backdrops and a desaturated color palette. These visual elements contribute to the overall tone and intensity of the film.
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