Episode 31 -40

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Scott is joined by Keith Cooke best known as portraying Reptile from Mortal Kombat (1995) and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997). His awards include being named Competitor of the Year by Black Belt magazine in 1985, and five grand champion titles at the U.S. World and U.S. Open Karate tournaments. Cooke now runs his own martial arts studio.
In episode 32, Scott is joined by Wu Shu expert Tiger Chen who was an integral part of Yuen Wo Ping's stunt team and Keanu Reeves's martial arts trainer for The Matrix films. Tiger is the star of martial arts films such as Man of Tai Chi, Kung Fu Man & Triple Threat.
In episode 33, Scott is joined by Vietnamese- American actor and martial artist Johnny Trí Nguyễn. Johnny is a Vietnamese–American actor, action choreographer, martial artist and stuntman.
In episode 34, Scott is joined by his The Debt Collector co-star Louis Mandylor. Mandylor played Louis Malone in the first season of Martial Law alongside Sammo Hung and also appeared in the sitcom Friends, pretending to be Joey's twin in "The One With Unagi". A life long martial arts practicioner and star of many action movies.
In episode 35, Scott is joined by Hollywood stunt woman Heidi Moneymaker best known for doubling Scarlett Johanssen Marvel character Black Widow.
In episode 36, Scott is joined by upcoming action star of Mortal Kombat, Wu Assassins & Into The Badlands Lewis Tan.
In episode 37, Scott is joined by Ernie Reyes Jr who is most definitely one of the most dynamic martial arts performers throughout Hollywood history.
In episode 38, Scott is joined by martial arts film director Isaac Florentine who discovered Scott and gave him his big break.
In episode 39, Scott is joined by Bren Foster who is an Australian actor and martial artist. He is best known for his role in The Last Ship on TNT. Foster holds black belts in taekwondo, hapkido, hwarangdo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Isaac Florentine who discovered Scott and gave him his big break.
In episode 40, Scott is joined by Olivier Gruner who has appeared in over 40 films and four television series and is best known for his martial art and science fiction action films. Gruner is regarded as an "action hero".
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