Episode 11 - 20

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Scott Adkins World 2017 - 2024
In episode 11, Scott Adkins talks to Richard Norton who became one of the main western faces in all of our favourite 80's, 90's Hong Kong movies.
In episode 12, Scott Adkins talks to the Queen of Martial Arts movies Cynthia Rothrock - The Blonde Fury - The Lady Dragon! The female GOAT of martial arts movies and if you didn't know that then prepare to see why.
In episode 13, Scott Adkins talks to the Benny The Jet Urquidez who appeared in two of Jackie Chan's most fearsome and best fight scenes in Wheels On Meals & Dragons Forever. One of the best kickboxers to ever do it and fight choreographer for the awesome Road House with Patrick Swayze.
In episode 14, Scott Adkins talks to Dolph Lundgren who is without doubt one of the biggest action stars from the last 30 years. Topics discussed range from his traditional martial arts background, getting Rocky IV and reprising the role of Ivan Drago for Creed II and everything else in-between
In episode 15, Scott Adkins and Gangs of London stunt co-ordinator Jude Poyer break down some of the most impressive Hong Kong stunts. Jude is an ex Hong Kong stuntmen who has a wealth of knowledge from his time in the East and is now a very successful stunt co-ordinator in his own right.
In episode 16, Scott Adkins talks to Master Phillip Rhee about how his own life inspired the martial arts classic Best of the Best and all of its sequels.
In episode 17, Scott Adkins talks to Kenpo Karate Master Jeff Speakman about his art, life and the making of The Perfect Weapon.
In episode 18, Scott Adkins talks to Steven Seagal about his meteoric rise to the top of the Hollywood A-List with his 5 film run Above The Law, Hard To Kill, Marked For Death, Out For Justice & Under Siege. He also discusses his martial arts background, training with UFC champions, Bruce Lee and the art of action filmmaking.
In episode 19, Scott Adkins talks to Andy Cheng of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team and much in demand fight choreographer and 2nd Unit director of movies such as The Rundown, US Seals II, Into The Badlands and the upcoming Marvel movie Shang Chi.
Scott Adkins talks to Vidyut Jammwal about breaking into the Hindi movie industry and going on to become one of the biggest action stars in Bollywood. Vidyut is an expert in the ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu and is known for his outstanding physique and acrobatic fight sequences in the fan favourite franchise Commando.
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